Hedge Trimmers

Hedge Trimmers

Powerful, well-balanced trimmers that put the edge in hedge

There’s something about the clean lines, defined edges and the uniform precision of a well-trimmed hedge. And with a STIHL hedge trimmer, you can bring that something special to your own landscape each and every time. With our select line of gasoline, electric and battery-powered hedge trimmers, maintaining those leafy shrubs feels less like physical labor and more like creating a work of art. 

So what makes STIHL hedge trimmers so special? Just like a perfectly sculpted hedge, our trimmers are designed without excess bulk, leaving only balanced beauty behind. Our hedge trimmers feature an outstanding power-to-weight ratio, so you can enjoy superior maneuverability without sacrificing cutting power. And when it comes to those final trimming touches, our hedge trimmers include hardened, precision-ground cutting blades and anti-vibration technology, keeping your hands steady when adding that delicate finesse. 

No matter the trimming need, we have a hedge trimmer ready to tackle it. Our extended reach hedge trimmers are available in fixed and 135° adjustable-angle blade options, ideal for extra tall and wide shrubs. Our electric and battery-powered trimmers are exceptionally lightweight and can get the job done with little noise and zero exhaust emissions. Whether you’re a homeowner or professional landscaper, STIHL hedge trimmers are a clear-cut winner.

STIHL Hedge Trimmers Products


STIHL Hedge Trimmer Common Features

Gasoline-Powered Hedge Trimmer Common Features

A - Double-sided reciprocating blades with integrated cutter guard (except single-sided HS 86).

B - Air filter cover is easy to remove without tools for fast and easy filter cleaning or replacement.

C - Front hand guard is designed to reduce the risk of injury.

D - Anti-Vibration system helps reduce operator fatigue.

E - Throttle trigger lockstop switch for ease of operations.

F - Upright translucent fuel tank allows operator to easily check fuel level before starting work. Upright for easy filling.

G - Large front handle for multi-position cutting.

H - Built-in hanger in rear handle for easy storage.


This feature is found on some STIHL Hedge Trimmers.

  • Start/run/stop controls on handle.

Electric-Powered Hedge Trimmer Common Features (not pictured)

  • Double-sided reciprocating blade.
  • Utilizes lightweight and well-balanced design.
  • Provides large front handle for multi-position cutting.
  • Equipped with extension cord clip on handle.
  • Has slots in the scabbard for hanging on a wall for convenient storage.
  • Transparent front hand guard.

Extended Hedge Trimmer Common Features (not pictured)

  • Double-sided reciprocating blades with integrated cutter guard.
  • Balanced design.
  • Two style cutting heads: 0° fixed or 135° adjustable.

*STIHL hedge trimmers have many common features. However, all models may not have all the features shown here. Consult your Dealer for details.

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